STORE NEWS: Why Carbon-Neutral Shipping Is So Important

One of Eco-Vegan’s missions is to support businesses that are striving towards a more sustainable and ethical world. When we stumbled across Sendle, we knew we wanted them to be our one and only courier company for Australian and International deliveries. Sendle believes that a courier company big or small shouldn’t cost the earth. This is why they are currently Australia’s first courier company to be 100% carbon-neutral.

While it is so important to ask the question "who made my clothes?", it is just as important to ask "Who is shipping my purchase?". Every dollar we spend casts a vote on the kind of world we want to live in. If we choose to support carbon-neutral courier companies, we'll be casting our votes for a healthier world and it will mean the other companies will need to follow suit.

Let me explain to you how Sendle offset’s their emissions.
(Straight from the mother's mouth)

Sendle has partnered with South Pole Group to offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered with Sendle. Each year, Sendle's community of business owners have been given the opportunity to direct their impact by choosing the projects that offset Sendle's carbon emissions.

Projects we currently support:

Myamyn Conservation Australia

Victoria, Australia
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Blue gums, planted in sections of the Annya State Forest have been negatively impacting the biodiversity of the area. By protecting the land against further clearing and replanting it with natural vegetation, the Myamyn Project helps preserve the habitat of endangered native species such as the scented spider orchid, the powerful owl, and the long-nosed potoroo. Learn more about this project here.

Project benefits:

  • An ancient forest is protected from further clearing and new native plants are laid, which ensures biodiversity.
  • The precious habitat of threatened and endangered native species, like the scented spider orchid, powerful owl and the long-nosed potoroo is protected.

Breathing Space

South India
Gold Standard

Breathing Space involves the dissemination of 300,000 durable, affordable and clean energy cookstoves. The project helps families breathe healthier air and spend less time and money on cooking fuel. This places a smaller demand on forests, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, as well as creating a sustainable channel of market distribution. Learn more about this project here.

Project benefits:
  • 1.2 million people have benefitted from the distribution of 300,000 cookstoves so far.
  • Local women are able to work self-sufficiently.
  • Indoor air is improved and deforestation decreases.
Projects we have supported in the past:
  • Tasmanian Native Forest Protection
  • Toyola Cookstoves
  • Healthy Cookstoves and Water Treatment
  • Borneo Rainforest Rehabilitation


Is carbon-neutral shipping important to you?

We'd love to know your thoughts about this post as it would help us to understand what you wish to see more of in our journal.


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