Founded with a Mission

Empower women, protect the animals and save the planet

Hi, I’m Sheena, an Aussie girl, raised on a small hobby farm in the lush hills of Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. From a very young age, I’ve loved animals and was raised to love and care for mother nature. At the age of 25, whilst being four months pregnant with my first son I stumbled across veganism. I began to understand there was a better way to live without discrimination against animals and the environment.

As a first-time mum, I wanted to give my child the best start in life by bringing him up with the same beliefs that I was raised on. However, since going vegan I had to face some hard truths that contradicted those beliefs. Change isn’t always easy but I believe any habit can be broken if you love something greater than the habit.

I now have two highly active sons and I want them to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as it was in my childhood. This means living a lifestyle that helps to protect and preserve the environment for our future generations to enjoy.

This Was My Problem

As I made my daily efforts to become a more conscious consumer I noticed that when it came to the fashion industry there was a grey area.

After a very frustrating hour and a half at a secondhand store trying to find a cute “bohemian” style dress, I decided to look online for an ethical brand. I noticed that many brands claimed they were ethical and sustainable but were selling leather items and lacked transparency. It frustrated me that brands were getting away with claiming they were ethical when in fact they were still discriminating against animals. I knew I had the power to cast a vote using my dollar so I made a pledge to shop with businesses that not only supported the wellbeing of humans and the environment but animals included.

I Needed To Take Action

This led to a number of late nights scouring the internet for brands that were against the evil that is - fast fashion. I found brands that supported the ethical trade of workers, didn’t sell any leather items and even donated to an environmental charity. The first problem was I couldn’t find online stores that had everything I needed in one place. I’d find a cute top on one site and a pair of similarly styled shorts on another.

The second problem was that the majority of these brands were overseas meaning I’d have to pay two lots of international shipping costs which almost equalled the cost of the items I wanted to buy. I knew I wasn’t the only person experiencing these problems and there needed to be a better solution.

This Was My Solution

I made it my mission to create a place where people like myself could visit in full confidence knowing that when they invest their hard earned money they would be joining the movement in making a stand against all the atrocities that are involved with fast fashion.

Eco-Vegan is a one-stop-shop for ethical and sustainable brands from all corners of the world. We pride ourselves on being transparent about our brands with our customers whilst providing high-quality clothes that are made to last, using earth-friendly and biodegradable materials. We’re also a zero-waste and plastic free business aiming to be an example for other businesses within the fashion industry. Our mission is to change the way people shop by educating our growing community about how they’re making a positive difference to the world. The future of our planet is vital for all which is why we donate to selected charities with every purchase made in our store, it’s our way of giving back.

I knew that the change I wanted to see in the world had to start with me. If you would like to help put an end to the exploitation of people, animals and the environment come and join us.

Meet Our Amazing Team


Founder & CEO

"I enjoy taking my two sons to the local drive-in outdoor movies on a Saturday night and get vegan pizza. It has become a monthly tradition and we love it so much. If I could do one thing to change the world it would be to help educate others towards a more conscious lifestyle. I am most passionate about creating a positive change towards a happier, healthier and peaceful world for all humans, animals and nature."


Social Marketing Manager

"I am a mum, wife and mumprenuer. My weekends are spent mostly with my family at parks and hosting family gatherings, this makes me happiest when I can cook a lovely meal and everyone is happy. I also enjoy urban gardening and listening to rnb/soul music. If I could make a change in the world it would be a encourage people to be kind to others, animals and the planet."


Brand Relations Manager

"On the weekend I take my boys to the park, We play all day until the sky turns dark. When I’m alone I like to watch documentaries, I learn about the world through other visionaries. If I could change the world we would all be vegan, Living life with compassion is what I believe in. My passion is to help those who can’t use their voices, By teaching the world how to make better choices."